19 June 2020

Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic Success Story

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Hi Michele,

I wanted to say how grateful I am for the ‘new me’ which you and the Cohen Method have been a huge part of helping achieve for me. As you know, I’ve dropped a massive 70 kg’s over 9 months, and I am LOVING the new me!!

I really did not have any success with ANYthing else for over 20 years of attempting diets and food modification – pretty much everything – and I have signed on to many, many programs over those years! Thinking back on it, I believe the most powerful elements of the Cohen Method have been:

• Real science behind weight loss. Well Explained, clear and concise guidelines from day one

• Even though I started out thinking I knew something about losing weight, I realised over the months of following the program that I really did not know my own body. Thank you for showing and teaching me about myself.

• Your support and ‘education’. I think you have the mix right. Gentle affirmative support, with clear concise guidelines and a full explanation of the consequences of following or not following the program precisely. For me, understanding the science behind what happens internally was as important as the actual program itself. It helped me focus and re-dedicate myself to my chosen lifestyle day after day.

• Your empowerment of me as an individual to re-gain that slim svelte self I was when I was 21. I am so grateful for that!

• Michele, I think you are the single most important part of the program for me. You inform, mentor and allow me to re-think my lifestyle in very productive and successful ways. The benefits to me personally are enormous! From the moment early on in the program when I could bend down and tie my shoe laces without resorting to elaborate contortions to achieve this simple thing, I knew this would be successful. It re-focused my determination to adopt this new lifestyle. Of course, the increasing compliments I got as I was steadily ‘giving the weight away’ (I don’t believe in ‘losing’ weight – that implies it could be ‘found’ again!) was such a buzz!

I now fit into size 36 trousers, which, considering I was at size 52 is pretty mind-blowing for me! Every time I effortlessly slip on my size 36 jeans or trousers now, I give thanks to starting the Cohen Method, to you, Michele for being my tour-guide and mentor, and to the life-changing day I made the decision to start with you. The act of slipping on those size 36 pants re-dedicates me to my Lifestyle daily!

To anyone considering starting the Cohen Method, I have this to say. Just Do it! The benefits far (far, far far!) outweigh the things you think you enjoy now!

With sincere Gratitude,

Peter Natterer Canberra


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