About James Coleman

Even before he could actually drive, James Coleman and his brother started a hobby car magazine, and he has been waxing lyrical about all things cars and motoring ever since.

He is told repeatedly that he has a British accent, but Canberra is where he was born and bred. Although he and his family now live in Queanbeyan.

He loves - you guessed it - cars and driving, but also squeegee-ing windows for some reason.

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It’s game on at Canberra’s Home of Football as Senate candidates pledge Federal funding
The battle for a Senate seat has come to Canberra's 'Home of Football', with Liberal Zed Seselja and Independent David Pocock both pledging to send millions of dollars its way if elected. Located on the corner of Horse Park Drive and Gecko Way in Throsby, the Home of Football is a joint project between the ACT Government and Capital Football....
Ten things you probably didn’t know could get you fined
A 40-year-old Canberra man appeared before a magistrate recently. He was charged with drug driving and driving with a suspended licence, but police may not have found him had he not attracted their attention for driving past a traffic stop at more than 40 km/h. ACT Policing has taken the opportunity to remind drivers of a law passed in 2018...
Is there such a thing as ‘safe speeding’?
The consequences of speeding can include an expensive ticket to a crash and fatal injuries. Sitting with the needle just a few kilometres over the limit, though, surely that's harmless? According to a 2018 survey of Canberra drivers, up to 85 per cent of respondents deemed it acceptable to exceed the limit in a 60 km/h zone by 5 km/h....
Tesla’s rewriting the rules for emission-free cars (but still has time for farts)
The Tesla Model 3 raked in the sales across Australia last year, and although there might be a spot of bother with supply at the moment, it shows no sign of slowing down. According to the Electric Vehicle Council, 15,054 units of this electric American sedan were sold in 2021. And while Tesla is coy about releasing exact sales data...
New survey wants to know why Canberrans ‘casually speed’
Queensland researchers are trying to get to the bottom of why and where Canberra drivers speed in a new online survey funded by the ACT Government. The Queensland University of Technology received funding for the research under the ACT Road Safety Fund Community Grant Program and is undertaking the work through social media to find out just what we're thinking...
Stamp duty exemption to extend to used EVs ‘imminently’
Reports that the ACT Government may abolish the three per cent sales tax on used EVs have been met with one question from the sector: why isn't it already in place? Ion DNA sells used EVs imported from overseas. Owner Rob Ogilvie said he was charged stamp duty on two sales about eight weeks ago. At the time, he approached...
Insurance refund awaits Canberra motorists renewing passenger car registration
Canberra motorists renewing their passenger car's registration over the next 12 months will receive a refund of about $20 as the ACT Government catches up with lower insurance premiums under the Motor Accidents Injuries (MAI) scheme. Third-party insurance is a compulsory part of vehicle registration in the ACT. It previously took the form of Compulsory Third-Party (CTP) insurance but was...
With excise cuts, is Canberra’s fuel as cheap as promised? Industry experts think so
In a bid to alleviate the effects of the Russia-Ukraine crisis on petrol prices, the tax on every litre of fuel dropped from 44.2 cents per litre to 22.1 on Budget night, so if you've filled up in the past few days, you've probably noticed it's not as painful as it was a fortnight ago. It's not just you. Industry...
Pests preparing to strike back after wet summer
There are more dark sides to Canberra's notably wet summer on their way. A plague of pests are now looking for a new home and yours is looking mighty tempting. Last year, there were literal mountains of rodents and paddocks of cobwebs across Australia and the bad news is that as winter sets in, many of them are coming back....
Low-income households scraping the barrel as Canberra fuel prices hit record high
Petrol prices in Canberra have hit a record high, with the average price for unleaded fuel heading towards $2 per litre, causing mounting concern over what it means for those already struggling to make ends meet. The average price of unleaded petrol in the ACT began the year at $1.68 per litre. As of today, 8 March, it has risen...
Canberra’s newest school prepares to welcome students for Term 1
Throsby School in Gungahlin - Canberra's newest school - will welcome 195 preschool to Year 6 children for the first time when Term 1 commences on Monday. Throsby is the 90th public school in the ACT. Teacher and school leader of 26 years, Annamaria Zuffo, has taken on the role of founding principal and says all the staff are excited to...
Moncrieff residents kick up a stink about sludge pit
Since residents first started living in Moncrieff just under a decade ago, they've have put up with litter blowing around their streets and the smell of rotting rubbish. Now, they've had enough. The Moncrieff Landcare Group and ACT Greens candidate for Fenner Natasa Sojic are calling on the ACT Government to remove the problem - a 'sludge pit' or 'drying...
Study reveals ACT still has highest life expectancy in Australia thanks to lockdown
The ACT already has the highest life expectancy of all states and territories in Australia, and it seems that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has increased. A new study by the Australian National University (ANU) has found a silver lining to the seemingly endless days of pandemic restrictions, with the time a newborn baby can expect to live...
The figures are in: these are the top 10 cars Canberrans bought in 2021
Last year was chaos. From hundreds of millipedes invading homes across the south-east of Australia to the news that The Matrix was returning for a fourth instalment - not to mention the devastating shortage of meat lately - we all stumbled across the finish line on New Year's Eve, fingers and toes crossed for a better 2022. Nothing was too...
Kids pitch in on plan to make Canberra ‘a better place to play’
Parents and children have all pitched in on a new eight-part plan as the ACT Government rethinks its approach to the Territory's network of playgrounds. The ACT has the highest number of play spaces per capita in Australia, with more than 500 of them scattered across the suburbs. The draft 'Better Places to Play: ACT Play Space Strategy' constitutes the ACT...
Where should Canberra’s leaf litter go? A new survey wants to know
Eucalyptus trees are a defining feature of Canberra's landscape, but there's no doubt the native species can make a right mess of anything underneath and, in the case of the fallen leaves, go on to pollute our waterways. Help is at hand. Supported by the ACT Government, Griffith University in Queensland is calling for members of the public to participate...