Car-free future a possibility for Hibberson Street in Gungahlin

My Gungahlin26 August 2015

Car-free future a possibility for Hibberson Street in Gungahlin

A new proposal to close Hibberson Street in Gungahlin to cars and create a more pedestrian-friendly environment in the region’s town centre was put forward today by local MLA Meegan Fitzharris.

“As a Gungahlin local, I know how busy Hibberson Street in the town centre can get. It’s a busy thoroughfare, and people are constantly telling me they would like to see it closed permanently to cars so it is a safer place to shop. I think this idea has merit, but I want to find out what people think the best solution could be.”

Ms Fitzharris said community consultation would be vital if any changes to Hibberson Street were to happen.

“Hibberson Street is the heart of Gungahlin, so I want to make sure this is a community decision. To have your say on the future of Hibberson Street, you can go to my website and fill in the survey.

“I want to know if people think Hibberson Street should be closed to cars permanently, or only during the day? Or perhaps a shared zone like Bunda Street in Civic would be more appropriate with a 20km/h speed limit.

“And then there are issues of safety and amenity. Would it be safe at night without any traffic? What would the impact on local shops be like? Would it make traffic in surrounding streets worse or create a better flow?

“This would be a big change, so if people are unsure about what the street would be like if it is closed to traffic, there will be a period of about eight weeks later this year when the street will be closed to cars while the underground Marketplace carpark is redeveloped.

“This will be a chance to road-test the closure and see what impact it has on access and the atmosphere of the Town Centre,” said Ms Fitzharris.

Ms Fitzharris said the development of light rail would possibly see the top section of Hibberson Street become a pedestrian and tram only zone over time. This would leave the section between Gozzard Street and Gungahlin Place East open to cars unless community consultation calls for change.

To have your say on Hibberson Street go to

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