About Sally Hopman

Long time Canberra journalist Sally Hopman will be familiar to readers from her years at The Canberra Times, where she wrote extensively about Canberra and the Capital Region before joining the National Library.

She began her career as a cadet journalist in Nowra and claims to have worked on some of the best and worst newspapers in the country - and learned rather a lot in the process.

When not writing, Sally collects snowdomes, take photographs of trees (mostly the same one), lives and breathes life on a Yass Valley sheep farm, volunteers at Vinnies and rounds up Beswick china animals and real rescue dogs – not necessarily in that order.

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Sanctuary in the suburbs reopens for Twilight Tours
Once you walk through the predator-proof fence, it's like going back a century in time. Sure, you can hear the faint hum of cars – after all, you're only metres from one of Canberra's most populated areas, Gungahlin – yet you could be in another world. Mulligans Flat Woodlands Sanctuary, at Forde, has just restarted its Twilight Tours following the COVID-19...
Protecting our natural beauty, one human at a time
They're known as the 'Humans of Mulligans Flat', and like their very distant cousins in New York, the vast protected land mass on the edge of Canberra's new suburbs is providing sanctuary in the toughest of times. During Canberra's first COVID-19 lockdown, in 2020, rangers at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary, a 1200-hectare site in Canberra's northeast, noticed an increase in...
When it comes to dogs, you humans are barking up the wrong tree
There's a lot of barking going about on how to train dogs. Make them sit when they'd rather run. Not leave smelly things underfoot. Stop greeting each other in that very doggy way. But on this, International Dog Day 2021, we've asked some of the best dogs we know - who may well be training Region Media staff and sleeping...
How to bring out the best in your cat, dog … or hippo
Ever wondered how to explain to your dog - or his mates at the dog park - that a bucket on his head is not a "cone of shame"? Or convince a scared horse that going into a trailer will save her legs. Or even a chicken that knowing how to get into a crate may save its life? Animal behavioural...
Chopper canvases his colourful life of crime
Mark "Chopper" Read and Vincent van Gogh have more in common than trouble wearing glasses. It turns out the colourful Chopper Read is more colourful than we might have thought. More than 40 pieces of his artwork are going on show - and sale - at Gold Creek's Aarwun Gallery from this Saturday (24 July) in what looks not unlike the...