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1/2 Dacre Street,
Mitchell, ACT 2911

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We Are Canberra's Modern Music Academy

Take your first step on the road to becoming a musician.

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What We Teach

With 14 teachers specialising in many styles, we teach music lessons that cater to most musical tastes and levels. It is our goal to teach every student how to learn, practice and play the music they love in the shortest time possible while having the most fun doing it.

  • Guitar lessons
  • Bass lessons
  • Drum lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Vocal lessons
  • Ableton lessons
As well as providing expert music lessons, we also sell musical instruments, accessories and books - mainly for guitar, drums and piano.
Where We Are

We are located in a modern, spacious 250sqm studio in Mitchell. We have a large waiting area at reception with tea and coffee, and upstairs a comfortable student lounge. There are eight private tuition rooms that are all equipped with state-of-the-art sound gear and are heavily soundproofed.

Our Story

When I was a kid, I fell head over heels in love with guitar and would play it at every spare moment. While my parents were impressed by my enthusiasm, my lack of attention to schoolwork forced them to confiscate my guitar and allow me access only on weekends. This really added fuel to the fire and ignited a life-long obsession with guitar, music and helping others to realise their dreams through music education.

I started teaching guitar back in 2005 from my home studio in Watson, Canberra. I was broke and between jobs at the time but had a strong passion for music, sharing knowledge and helping people.

At this stage I'd been playing and performing for over 15 years, so had figured out a thing or two. What got me really excited, though, was figuring out how to break down what I could do effortlessly on guitar into a simple system that I could use to show others the way to guitar freedom.

This is where the idea of Fretvision was born:

How to visualize the guitar fretboard using a simple system that allows you to play anywhere without getting completely lost!

As any excited, new teacher might do at first, I put up a few ads around town to get started. To my surprise, I quickly gained a few keen students - I was in business! Now to show them the system.

Voila! It was a success, students absolutely loved what they could do with it. Numbers grew more rapidly than expected and two years later, I expanded to larger premises and trained other teachers in the system to help meet demands.

Over the years, we've continued to gain in popularity, attracting droves of students and many eager teachers. What started as one guitarist's dream has grown into a vibrant community of Canberra musicians sharing their expert knowledge and love of music with thousands of students.

We are now quickly becoming Canberra's largest and most modern music academy, six instruments with multiple studios and in-school programs catering to our city's growing population and education needs.


1/2 Dacre Street, Mitchell, ACT 2911 AU