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Lottie Twyford is an early career journalist, most often seen with a long black in hand.

She recently graduated from the ANU with a degree in International Relations and Arts where she developed a passion for all things French - particularly wine.

Having grown up in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, she is soon to call herself an Aussie, although won’t be seen anywhere near a kangaroo.

She loves telling stories, and when not writing, you’ll find her out for a run, or enjoying Canberra’s nightlife with friends.

Want to get in touch? You can reach her at [email protected]

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Monaro Highway named ACT’s worst hotspot for car crashes
The Monaro Highway at Hume has once again been named as the worst place for car crashes in the ACT, according to the 2021 AAMI Crash Index. Afternoons and evenings were the most common times for crashes, which were most likely to be nose-to-tail. Mondays and Thursdays were the most common days for crashes, with men aged between 35 and...
Yes, the rules have changed again: when and what can I do now?
While easing restrictions may make us all smile (and dance, soon enough), it can be hard work keeping up with all the changes. As we've seen in the past week, dates are subject to change, so bear that in mind as we move forward. Here's all the information you need to know for now about how and when restrictions will...
Lockdown’s finished – so, what can I do today?
We did it, Canberra! The ACT came out of lockdown at midnight last night, so a couple of things have changed. Here are some answers to some of your most asked questions. How many people can I have over? Five people and, unlike in NSW, visitation is not contingent on vaccination status. The Chief Minister has also said that while...
Canberra ranked second-most hygienic city in the world, but how hygienic are we really?
In new research you probably didn't realise was even conducted, Canberra has been ranked second in the list of the world's most hygienic cities. Losing out only to Berlin, Germany, cities around the world were scored on factors such as pollution levels, amount of solid waste generated, rate of recycling and composting, handwashing culture, and national import volumes of hand...
You’re invited to navigate a personal mental health trail this October
October is Mental Health Month, and there's never been a year in which monitoring one's mental health has been of such importance. The impact of extended COVID-19 lockdowns is acknowledged as being detrimental to a community's mental health, and last week the ACT Government boosted funding to the community mental health sector to support people who need it. Mental Health...
Five minutes with Andrew Dale, The G Spot
Who is Andrew Dale? I’m the co-founder of The G Spot food van in Gungahlin, which I opened with my wife Lee-Anne back in 2001. Now it’s run by my daughter Laura and her wife, Sophie. Best recent dining experience: I used to love going to Akiba when my daughter was head chef there, but recently The District in Crace for a...
Lockdown rules are changing: what does that mean for you?
Chief Minister Andrew Barr this week announced the ACT's much-anticipated roadmap for the weeks ahead as lockdown comes to an end and public health restrictions begin to ease. Here's all the information you need to know about what and when restrictions will change. Keep in mind that authorities have put either caveats or asterisks on these dates (depending on whether...
Got a picnic planned this week? You might need to pack your umbrella
If a socially distanced picnic of five friends is your only current form of interaction, you might be less than heartened to learn that heavy rainfall and storms are on the way for Canberra later this week. However, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Wilkie says there is a light at the end of the tunnel - things should be looking up...
It’s a case of birds versus drones in Gungahlin’s skies
If dealing with everything currently going on at ground level isn't enough, footage of what appears to be a raven attacking a drone in the skies above Gungahlin has emerged in recent days.It's being reported the drone in question was carrying a Gungahlin resident's morning coffee for delivery during COVID-19 lockdown when it was spotted by a territorial raven who...
Dance schools to roll out a life-saving set of moves to teach kids about water safety
A new partnership between Kids Alive and READY SET DANCE will see vital water safety skills taught through dance - an important move given the impact of lockdowns and the weather on the number of children taking swimming lessons. Kids Alive founder Laurie Lawrence said research has shown that while swimming lessons remain one of the best preventive measures to...
How far would you go to chase down your missing package?
When a package goes missing, it's a pain. When a package with sentimental value goes missing, it's painful. Palmerston woman Tanya Wright knows this feeling well. Since July – before the ACT was in COVID-19 lockdown – she has been expecting a package from her mother-in-law who lives in Hervey Bay, Queensland. In the package is a handmade cardigan, a red beanie,...
The only iconic bus shelter where adding your art is actively encouraged
They've been immortalised in earrings, cartoons and mugs, but it's most likely the first time a Canberra bus stop has been recreated in cardboard. It was the combination of an unprecedented amount of spare time and inordinate amounts of cardboard that led Palmerson's Kirrily Burnett on what would turn out to be a bit of an adventure. After unsuccessfully trying...
Loud bangs notwithstanding, Canberra is the best city in the world to nod off in
As you nod off to dreamland every night, you should count yourself lucky. Canberra has just been rated as the best city in the world to catch a good night's sleep in – despite the loud bangs that seem to plague much of the inner north, inner south, Belconnen, Gungahlin, Queanbeyan, Woden and Tuggeranong. You'd think these loud noises would impair us...
UPDATED: ACT records 12 new COVID-19 positives, more testing sites open
UPDATED 1:00 pm: NSW Health authorities have confirmed two new positive COVID-19 cases in the Goulburn. Both are household contacts of the initial case reported on Wednesday (18 August) and authorities say they were not active in the community for any portion of their infectious periods and there are no public exposure sites related to these cases. UPDATED 12.15 pm: As the...
UPDATED: Police confirm one person dead in Ngunnawal fire
UPDATE 4:05 pm: A person has been found dead at the Ngunnawal residence which caught fire in the early hours of this morning. The body was located at around 12:40 pm. The search was delayed due to concerns over the structural integrity of the building. ACT Policing is now preparing a report for the Coroner and are asking for anyone who...
A rare gem nestled away on a quiet Canberra street
In today's hotly contested property market, it's pretty rare to find a townhouse in Ngunnawal like this charming single-level one at 2/26-30 Margany Close. Location-wise, you don't get much better than this. Within walking distance of Yerrabi Pond with its impressive playground and Gungahlin Marketplace, there's a light rail stop practically at your doorstep meaning the city is a stress-free ride...