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Genevieve Jacobs has been a journalist for 30 years, working in print and radio. Her career began with rural newspapers on the South West Slopes, she has freelanced for national magazines and spent a decade with ABC Radio Canberra. She works with a wide range of Canberra organisations including the Tara Costigan Foundation, and Gift of Life ACT, sits on the ACT’s advisory committee for Historic Places and the boards of the National Folk Festival, Canberra International Music Festival, M16 artspace and the Conflict Resolution Service.

Genevieve has an enduring interest in building community, and creating discussions that include us all. And she still loves nothing better than a good yarn.

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From the Outback to Canberra, meet Region Media’s new Social Media Manager
Region Media's newest hire, Damien Larkins, has come a long way in the last 20 years as he returns home to Canberra - all the way from Longreach, in fact. Damien joins Region Media as our Social Media Manager. He will manage our strategic engagement across multiple social media platforms, including The RiotACT, About Regional, The Canberra Page, My Gungahlin,...
As Canberra grows, do we need to set higher environmental standards for developers?
A majestic 300-year-old box tree stands like a guiding light at one end of the Lumi Collection development in Gungahlin. And in many senses, that's exactly its role. Two apartment blocks take their cues in size and scale from the registered tree, which was treated with kid gloves to ensure that its hydrology was unaffected by the construction process. "When...
Canberra Day appeal’s huge success is testament to a generous community
Hands Across Canberra organisers had been a little uncertain ahead of this year's Canberra Day appeal. They'd asked locals to give emergency support last year during the height of COVID-19, and were unsure how deep our pockets would still be. The results of the appeal, run on 9 and 10 March, have astounded them. At the time of writing, the...
Alistair Coe says it’s time to go: former leader will quit Assembly in March
Former leader Alistair Coe has announced that he will quit the Legislative Assembly, just months after a sixth consecutive electoral defeat for the Canberra Liberals. He led the Liberals from 2016 to 2020. "I will be resigning from the Legislative Assembly in March", Mr Coe said in a statement released early this morning. "It has been an honour to represent...
Help, I’ve been bitten by a snake! Here’s what to do next
It's been a wet, mild summer thus far, but warmer weather means snakes are emerging from hibernation looking for food and water and basking in the sun. And Canberrans on holiday are wandering through the bush, taking hikes through long grass or even just pottering around their gardens. The ACT Ambulance Service says it has responded to several snake bite...
For 2021, let’s hope for green shoots of healing and growth
It's been quite a year, hasn't it? Everyone says that. Just before Christmas, I drove down to the South Coast for the first time since before the bushfires tore our region apart. I was anxious about doing so, and as soon as the skyline of burnt trees began appearing after Braidwood so did the tears. Misty Mountain, Pooh Bear's Corner,...
Weekend big bang mystery solved
Mysterious loud noises in the middle of the night always cause consternation in Canberra, but this time there's an explanation. Multiple reports have emerged on social media of loud noises occurring around 11:00 pm on Sunday night. They were heard by householders around Belconnen and Woden, and as far afield as Gungahlin. Residents in Queanbeyan and Sutton also heard the...
Australian Dance Party’s Move to Zero campaign takes flight
The ACT election may be over but the party isn't - and the dancing doesn't stop. That's the message from the Australian Dance Party (ADP), which describes itself as "Canberra’s site-specific and change-driven dance company". Their new video series - Move to Zero - uses funky, feel-good short films to suggest that Canberrans can change their everyday behaviour to reduce emissions....
RISE with Canberra’s best events and artists as we move towards recovery
We've needed all our resilience and strength to get through the bushfires and the pandemic. And now it's time to RISE together in Canberra, to recover and grow. The RISE Canberra Calendar was launched on 26 May and has already attracted a substantial following: it's an aggregation of all the events and ideas that you can safely enjoy here in...
UPDATED: ACT records new COVID-19 case
UPDATED 3 pm:  ACT Health has issued a correction regarding the date of the ACT's last COVID-19 diagnosis. The date should have read May 4. June 7: The ACT has recorded its first new case of COVID-19 since the end of April, ACT Health said today. A man in his 40's who has recently returned from overseas has tested positive...