About Damien Larkins

Damien Larkins is a multimedia journalist with almost 20 years experience.

His first job in the media was as a paperboy, delivering the daily news by bicycle in Brisbane's hilly bayside.

From there he's worked in community and commercial radio, at WIN News Tasmania, at the ABC in Canberra, Hobart, the Gold Coast and most recently ran the national broadcaster's Longreach bureau in Outback Queensland.

He's covered bushfires, floods, droughts, protests, Royal visits, major court cases, elections and even the Logies.

Now he's returned to the capital and is ready to take on new challenges.

But his favourite stories come from the remarkable people who live in this unique and diverse region.

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Living the dad life (or how I quit my job to be a full-time parent)
Is life as a stay-at-home dad all it's cracked up to be? Damien Larkins is discovering if he's up to the challenge. Life takes you strange places, and I never expected I'd quit work to become a full-time parent to my two-year-old son. The lead-up to my first day was mixed with excitement and nerves. We all slept in a...
Keep missing recycling bin night in the ACT? A local nuclear physicist is here to help
Tired of forgetting what night to put out each bin on the street for collection? One Canberra scientist was so he put his mind to the problem and he's sharing his solution with us all. Everyone knows that horrible, sinking feeling of being woken by the garbage truck rumbling past your house when you've forgotten to put out the bins....
Pet rabbit deaths spark warning of calicivirus spread in Canberra
The death of four beloved pet rabbits has one Canberra mother urging other owners of the mammals to beware of calicivirus in the ACT this summer. The recent prolonged wet weather has seen wild rabbits boom in the ACT, as well as insects which can spread the deadly virus. Palmerston rabbit owner Tyshana Devine has lost four of her family's...
Mega hay fever season and record pollen levels in ACT to persist into New Year
There's no relief in sight for Canberrans who suffer from hay fever with the pollen season continuing to break records, and it may continue to peak into early 2022. Pollen levels this year have already been the highest of the past decade, with several days in November at high and extreme levels. ANU's Canberra Pollen Count program director, Professor Simon...
Christmas beetles may get back to ACT, but wet weather could scuttle hopes
There's hope we could see more Christmas beetles in Canberra this year, but it all depends on the weather in the coming weeks. Over recent years, there's been a lot of discussion about whether Christmas beetle numbers are dwindling in the ACT. But CSIRO director of the Australian National Insect Collection Dr David Yeates says no one is officially keeping...
Late lawn mowing, poor parking: frivolous triple-zero calls spark ACT police warning
Calls to triple-zero by Canberrans over late-night lawn mowing, lost phones and poorly parked cars have prompted a reminder from police that the number is for emergencies only. ACT Policing fields about 3,000 calls to triple-0 every month, but only half of those calls are for genuine emergencies. Police say unnecessary calls include: Complaining about a neighbour mowing their lawn at...
Face masks may stay for good, even after ACT COVID mandates wind down
Facemasks may become a common feature of life in Canberra as people choose to wear them long after COVID-19 public health mandates end. They've been a sometimes divisive but highly visible tool in the ACT's battle to contain the coronavirus. Some people love them, some hate them, others simply pull their facemask on as advised by public health officials and...
To the car that parked in front of my bins: an open letter
Putting the bins out isn't my favourite task - but having to move them later because someone parked them in makes it a real chore. For the second week in a row, it feels like I've had to put my bins out twice. Each time, on the allotted evening, I've dutifully rolled them to the kerb to be collected in...
Painted rocks turn Canberra walks into artistic, whimsical treasure hunts
Have you stumbled across small, hand-painted rocks on your walks recently? The playful pastime is becoming a growing trend in the ACT. Across Canberra, locals are lovingly applying artworks to rocks and then placing them in public parks, paths and other places for strangers to find. Native animals, flowers, book characters, superheroes, fruit and messages of hope – the rocks spark...
Magpie attacks to soar due to facemasks in ‘swooping capital’ Canberra
Facemasks could see magpies swoop more Canberrans than ever before this spring breeding season, an expert warns. While facemasks help prevent the spread of COVID-19, an unintended side-effect is they may provoke more magpies to swoop you. The iconic birds recognise people by their facial features and if our faces are obscured, they can't tell friend from foe. Griffith University...
Proud Ken Behrens: Canberrans embrace the lighter side of COVID lockdowns
"Ken Behrens" may have started as a mistranslation, but it's fast become a shining example of Canberra's indomitable spirit and humour as lockdowns wear on. The ACT has been in lockdown since Thursday (August 12) after a local COVID-19 case was identified. "I want to thank all Canberrans for doing the right thing," ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said in...
Canberra local craft brewers’ top drops for International Beer Day
You've probably seen an abundance of Canberra beers pop up at your local supermarket or bottle shop - but have you experienced the range on offer? There's no better time to try than today - 6 August - International Beer Day. READ ALSO: Territory’s tinnies voted best in Australia The day started in a California bar in 2007, but like...
Echidna sex-trains point to firm population numbers in Gungahlin sanctuary
https://youtu.be/6VLWVHRDlqQ It's mating season and the echidnas at Mulligans Flat are ready to mingle. Video: WWT/ Millie Sutherland Saines. Echidna mating season has begun, with trains of the spiky marsupials vying for the attention of females and the chance to procreate at a sanctuary in Canberra's north. This time of year, the normally reclusive native short-beaked echidnas are literally lining...
Poorly-drawn pet portraits a huge drawcard for RSPCA ACT charity drive
Hilarious and unique, hand-drawn artistic interpretations of beloved household pets have raised almost $5000 in the RSPCA ACT's Poorly Drawn Pets project. Crudely coloured cat caricatures, peculiarly pencil-sketched puppies, rudimentary rabbits in repose - there's a range of drawing styles from classical to cartoon and the somewhat more surreal. The project offers pet-owners the unusual drawings of their furry, feathered...
ACT Policing receives up to 40 complaints a week about COVID non-compliance
ACT Policing is investigating up to 40 complaints a week from the public about people they suspect are not complying with COVID-19 restrictions. Over the past few weeks, Canberrans have contacted police with suspected cases of others not quarantining after visiting hotspots, failing to wear masks and not using the Check In CBR app. Detective Acting Superintendent Callum Hughes from...
Snow falls across northern ACT region, delighting locals
Snow has fallen across the north of the ACT region, much to the delight of locals on an otherwise cold and dreary day. Temperatures of around 3 to 4 degrees combined with a cold front to produce the snowfalls on 17 July. Heavy falls were reported in Crookwell and Lost River, where younger residents took the opportunity to go tobogganing....