Stay safe and check your winter electrical appliances

My Gungahlin15 May 2017

Stay safe and check your winter electrical appliances

Canberra’s cold winters means electricity use climbs in April and peaks in July to keep houses warm.

Electrical appliances being used to heat the home should be checked to ensure they’re safe for use.

ActewAGL Branch Manager Works Delivery Clinton McAlister said the risk of house fires increases over winter because electrical appliances that are stored over the year can be dangerous if not properly checked before use.

“Having your portable heater locked away in a stuffy closet over a year can let dust build up, or maybe even damage the power cord if not put away neatly.

“When you pull them out, make sure you clean your heaters and fans so they’re free of dust and dirt.

“Fraying cords can pose a fire risk, so when you start using those electrical appliances check them for damage and signs of wear and tear before using them.

“It’s also important that your heater is at least 1.5 metres away from flammable materials like bedding or curtains.

“Power points and power boards can overheat when overloaded, or covered with curtains or carpets. Please make sure you’re not ‘piggy-backing’ appliances off them.

“Your smoke alarm should always be tested, and its battery needs replacing once a year.”

For more information visit ActewAGL’s website

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