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We’re an app! We’ll connect you to a driver, to drive you and your car.

How? Request a driver through the PKUP app, two drivers arrive at your location, one driver will drive your car and the other will follow (all passengers must travel in your car).

It sounds unreal, right? This all means having the convenience of having someone else drive your car for you. The PKUP app is available for all of Canberra to use.

Use PKUP whether you need help getting your car to and from a car service, if you drove to work and wish to stay for afternoon drinks or a parent that wants to ensure your little one has a car seat. Whatever your situation, a driver is available to move your car.

So, download the app now and book a driver today. Drivers, only require 20-30 minutes notice. You can track, ring and message your driver all from the PKUP app and be notified upon his/her arrival. All payments are done through the app, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. We can’t wait to see you using the new and fun app!

Download the app:Download PKUP


Drivers! We haven’t forgotten about you! Sign up as a PKUP driver to start being connected to users. You’ll drive their car and start earning.

As a driver, you’ll work with a friend, spouse, neighbour or anyone you’ll like to complete your work! That’s awesome! No other platform can guarantee working with a friend. And what’s even better, you’ll get the opportunity to drive some nice/flash cars.

So, here’s how it works: A user will book a driver through the PKUP app, both you and your friend travel to the pick up location, one of you will get into the customer’s car and drive and the other will follow.

As a driver, you will have the flexibility to earn around your own schedule.

We can’t wait to see you driving, earning and having fun using the new app!

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