The Meadows - Bringing the world’s best frozen custard to Gungahlin

18 Dec, 2018



It can be argued that it is hard to improve on ice cream. However one Canberra couple, Ritu and Dinesh, have miraculously found a way. They also have the great responsibility of being the first overseas franchisee for an American institution, “The Meadows Original Frozen Custard”.

The first Meadows original frozen custard store opened in Pennsylvania in 1950 and it is famous for its traditional American super smooth and creamy frozen custard. This is because the frozen custard has a specially formulated recipe. It is also made at minus 8 ºC, rather than minus 20 ºC, making for a softer, even more delectable frozen treat. The frozen custard is made fresh every few hours on the day.

Chocolate and vanilla are always on the menu, which you can completely tailor to your own tastes, as well as a “flavour of the week” which is usually inspired by the clientele. If you want a specific flavour, just ask and you will probably get it in short order! Check out their facebook page to see what’s currently on offer. You can then go crazy adding toppings such as nuts, fudges, sauces and lollies. You can layer them with whipped cream and cherries to create a sundae, mix them into an “Arctic Swirl”, drink them in a shake or a super thick “frost” or simply serve in their custom made waffle cones, topped with whatever you want. Some of the most popular menu items include the “Chunky Monkey”, “Cookies and Cream” and the perennial favourite; “Death by Chocolate”. If you have dietary concerns they also serve “Italian Ices” which are vegan friendly, dairy free and fat free but definitely not fun free.

If frozen treats isn’t your thing there are plenty of more grown-up options. The pastry display is always full, ranging from cronuts, to lemon tarts and the most chocolatey of chocolate brownies. Again if you are a bit food sensitive there are diet friendly options. Barista made coffee will also keep you going once the kids are hyped on sugar.

The venue is also really well located with ample of free parking. In Franklin, along the tram line, there is both a family focused doctor practice, an Indian grocer and a hairdresser next door, as well as a Woolworths so you can grab a few groceries after your dessert. Do and eat all the things!

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