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Michael Weaver is a journalist of more than 25 years. He hails from the NSW north coast, and after studying in Canberra and working as a sports journalist on the NSW south coast, he now calls Queanbeyan home.

Michael has worked for several Federal Government agencies as a journalist, media liaison officer and web content writer. Michael is passionate about the local community and can also be found playing bass with bands in local venues. As a proud lefty, he also thinks Paul McCartney is still cool.

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ACT housing crisis puts family of eight at risk of homelessness
There are 2789 Canberrans on the ACT waiting list for public housing and former Barnardo's mother of the year and mum of seven Belinda Nunn, who will be homeless in four weeks, is one of them. Ms Nunn has five daughters between six and 18, but has also helped raise her two nephews to her twin sister who died when...
Polar blast coming with frost and snow this weekend
Shake out the winter coats and scarves, a blast of Antarctic air will cross the ACT and southern NSW this weekend that will see temperatures plummet and may even bring our first frosts of the year on Monday morning (12 April). Daytime temperatures could drop by up to 10 degrees Celsius as a double-whammy polar blast from two cold fronts...
Researchers take fine-tooth comb to find natural solution to head lice
There would be few families with children who aren't aware of head lice and it's a problem a team of researchers at the University of Canberra is taking on to find an effective natural treatment in place of chemicals which they claim are ineffective. "There are references to head lice in the bible and still, one in five school children are...
Black fingernails and a good temper – here’s cheers for our chocolatiers
Their fingernails are often blackened from working with the sweetest of treats but nothing makes them happier than a good temper. Of course, we're talking about chocolate here - the tempering of which brings a glossy sheen to chocolate and a big smile to the region's chocolatiers who are shining in the face of growing demand for fine chocolates and a...
Finally! Classic autumn conditions with clear skies for Easter
Canberra and the surrounding region will have perfect conditions for the Easter long weekend, with clear skies and warm, sunny days on the horizon for all four days from Friday, 2 April, to Monday, 5 April. After being deluged for more than a week of almost constant heavy rain and floodwaters in late March, there is one dominant factor in...
Put your taste buds to the test for Canberra’s best hot cross buns
As we head into Easter, it's time to put your taste buds to the test to find the most delicious hot cross buns in Canberra. How does your local bakery stack up against the big supermarkets that have been diligently tempting us with all things chocolate since they took down their Christmas decorations in late December? The hot cross bun...
From car engines to corflutes, we bust some myths on recycling
When a car engine made its way from a recycling bin to one of the ACT's recycling centres for sorting, the ACT Government knew it had some overenthusiastic recyclers. Then there were corflutes. Lots of corflutes. Now in the wake of World Recycling Day on 18 March, the ACT Government is stepping up its message for Canberrans to be more...
Publicly operated crematorium in Gungahlin to meet needs of growing city
Canberra now has a second crematorium that meets the religious and cultural needs of the ACT's growing population. The capital's first publicly operated crematorium opened in Gungahlin on Monday, 15 March. A 2018 review of cemeteries and crematoria found one in 10 people who have a religious or cultural need for burial or cremation did not have this service available to them...
Last gasp as longest and strongest pollen season comes to an end
Canberrans can finally breathe a collective sigh of relief! The longest and strongest pollen season ever seen in the ACT is having its last gasp with pollen counts almost negligible and forecast to stay that way until July. While the so-called 'big sneeze' of spring and summer had Canberrans reaching for the tissues and antihistamines, the sneeze and wheeze season...
Great weather for soup as rain settles in around the region
It's great weather for soup as cooler temperatures and a slow-moving weather system are forecast to bring rain and cloudy skies to the region for the next seven days. We may even have to wait until the end of next week before we see a full day of sunshine. In Canberra, the weather will be dominated by cloudy skies and a...
‘Incredible discovery’ could hold natural key to treating allergies
The findings from two researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) on stopping allergies such as asthma and hay fever will come as a relief to many Canberrans who sneezed and wheezed through one of the worst pollen seasons on record. With Canberra known as the pollen capital of Australia, the researchers say their findings are "an incredible discovery" that could...
Six-car collision causes big delays near Glenloch Interchange
Traffic near the Glenloch Interchange is at a standstill following a six-car collision on Gungahlin Drive near Black Mountain this afternoon. There are no reports of injuries, however, the pile-up is causing major traffic delays as tow trucks move in to clear the chaos. The accident occurred just before 3:00 pm in the southbound lane of Gungahlin Drive heading towards Black...
The life of Gary: snake tracking study reveals the habits of eastern browns in Canberra
Gary, a five or six-year-old male eastern brown snake, is curled in a burrow on the hillside of an undisclosed Canberra suburb waiting for the first rays of sunlight on an autumn morning. "My five-year-old daughter named him Gary because she thought it would be a great name for a snake," says Gavin Smith, a certified snake catcher, researcher and...
Ultimatum for ACT drivers with deadly Takata airbags
The owners of vehicles in the ACT who have not replaced dangerous Takata airbags have until 6 April to complete the free repairs before their car registration could be suspended or cancelled. The ultimatum comes after repeated warnings from the ACT Government and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), which has prompted ACT Consumer Affairs Minister Shane Rattenbury to urge...
Gungahlin man’s Lucky Lottery win the perfect end to the week
A Gungahlin man in his 50s is finishing the week on a high after discovering he's won $100,000 in the latest Lucky Lotteries draw today (5 March). “It’s certainly not a bad way to end the week," the man, who wished to remain anonymous, said when contacted by a Lottery official. “I was just saying to a work colleague that...
So long summer, the heat is off with cooler autumn to come
Canberra has had its coolest summer since 2011-12, and if you are hoping for some heat you'll be disappointed as the milder-than-usual temperatures are set to continue into autumn, with the Bureau of Meteorology's Autumn Climate Outlook forecasting more mild conditions in the Canberra region. It will come as news to no one that the summer of 2020-21 was one of the...