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Amelia Bidgood is a communications professional, small business owner, freelance writer and Founder and Editor of Eat Canberra and Eat Canberra Food Tours (www.eatcanberra.com.au). She is Canberra's walking, talking food guide and has called the nation's capital home for the past 12 years.

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Take 3: Where to find cinnamon buns in Canberra (or make your own)
Let me clear something up right from the get-go: I'm talking about cinnamon buns, not the cinnamon scrolls (aka cinnamon escargot) made with the delicious, flaky pastry. I'm talking up the soft, bready, sweet and sometimes gooey, cinnamon buns. The ones topped with a generous smear of cream cheese icing. You know the ones, right? I've made them many times...