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Amelia Bidgood is a communications professional, small business owner, freelance writer and Founder and Editor of Eat Canberra and Eat Canberra Food Tours (www.eatcanberra.com.au). She is Canberra's walking, talking food guide and has called the nation's capital home for the past 12 years.

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The Institutions: The Dobinson family has been baking their traditional Aussie pies for more than 125 years
Australians have been devouring the humble meat pie for hundreds of years. There’s something so satisfying and comforting about the simple combination of pastry, meat and gravy. Five generations of the Dobinson family have produced traditional Australian baked goods for more than 125 years and Sue Dobinson has been operating her business in Canberra for more than 25 years. Baking...
Can you still get a feed for a tenner without a clown, a king or a colonel? Sure can. Here’s where
It's rare to find a restaurant or cafe where you can order a meal and get change from a $10 note these days. But I've found a handful of some of the best eats for $10 or less, so you can still dine out if you’re on a budget or counting down until your next payday. While your wallet might...
Hot in the City: Lagom is Gungahlin’s newest cafe
It’s not often you're greeted with a peacock on top of your coffee, but it’s one of the incredible coffee art pieces you might find on your caffeinated beverage at Lagom. Opening in mid-March at the Gungahlin Marketplace, Lagom has quickly become a popular breakfast, brunch and lunch spot for locals. With an all-day menu, they even have something for...
Hot in the City: All you can eat burgers, fried chicken and more at Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey has been flipping burgers, pouring beers, frying chicken and serving a range of tasty snacks at their Braddon venue since 2015. The popular burger joint launched their Gungahlin store in April 2020 and you can also taste their delicious burgers at Phillip and Stromlo. They recently launched their Gorilla Filla all you can eat deal at their Braddon...
Take 3: Where to find cinnamon buns in Canberra (or make your own)
Let me clear something up right from the get-go: I'm talking about cinnamon buns, not the cinnamon scrolls (aka cinnamon escargot) made with the delicious, flaky pastry. I'm talking up the soft, bready, sweet and sometimes gooey, cinnamon buns. The ones topped with a generous smear of cream cheese icing. You know the ones, right? I've made them many times...