Jacob Vadakkedathu - My Story

29 Sep, 2015



This 'My Story' is about Jacob Vadakkedathu from Nicholls and his journey to Australia and studies to a career in the Australian Public Service.

My journey to Australia started in 1998. As an International Student, I arrived in Canberra to further my studies in Management (MBA) Degree with a vision to achieve a profession in my field. I perceived Australia as a great country in many respects with abundant opportunities for a promising career. Those days there weren't many Indians around and I did not have any friends or relatives at that time in Canberra. I hardly knew anyone. For me, it was the first time being so far away from my family. I felt isolated and homesick at times. After having completed the B.com & MBA degree from India, I have determined not to bother my Parents too much in seeking financial help for paying the Uni fees. I have decided to work Part-time to support myself as much as I can. I did part-time jobs at various places and attend the University juggling my work studies, and other things including cooking, washing, shopping etc. Managing Part-time jobs, studies and doing all your stuffs by yourself. It was a tough experience but at the same time a good learning experience. I have learned lot of real skills in my life, managing your things, cooking.

All those hard works started to pay me back gradually, firstly getting the Permanent Residency continued with getting a job at Westpac Bank and eventually being recruited at the Federal Government Department of Finance as a Budget analyst. I was extremely happy with the selection and especially being at one of the Central Agencies of the Commonwealth Government. I still work in Finance in the capacity as Senior Advisor. Today my life is centred around Canberra and I have now settled in the Gungahlin suburb of Nicholls with my wife Beenu and two young kids.

In retrospect, having arrived as an International Student, I must say that this country has offered me a lot since my arrival in 1998 as a student. I am indebted to this great country for the opportunities that it gave me and my family today. And for that reason, I have decided that it is time for me to give something back to the community and I made a personal commitment to do something in return. Being in politics, I felt I could contribute more and play a much bigger role where you are ultimately able to do things and make those positive changes in the society. My effort to provide contributions will continue.

I was selected as a Liberal candidate to represent the electorate of Ginninderra in the last ACT Legislative Assembly election in 2012. I consider this as a great acknowledgement for the Indian community living in ACT and indeed, we all can take a great pride for this recognition. Hard work pays me and that‘s the feeling that keeps me going...


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