An open letter to Gungahlin drivers

09 Jul, 2014



Dear Gungahlin,
After seeing the results of a horrific accident last fortnight on one of our most busy roads, I implore you to all take a minute to think about how we all drive and people in the vehicles around us and to drive to the conditions.

In the last 7 days I have witnessed 2 driving acts related to impatience in the road works area of Majura Road, both of which could have resulted quite easily in another accident. Please let's all just slow down and obey the road rules - they are there for a reason.

The first was as I was doing the legally enforced 40km/h at the top of Horse Park Drive/Federal Hwy area and a taxi came flying up behind me, slowed to the speed I was doing and then at the very last moment he floored it and flung out into the right exit lane that points to Canberra & decided this was his very own overtaking lane and narrowly missed the barricades at the end as he swerved back in front of me and proceeded to speed off not to be seen again.

The second incident occurred just 2 days after a major accident nearby. This was just past the Gun Club turn off where I was heading North and a car heading South overtook a car on double lines and was quite obviously going faster than the limit as he proceeded to move away quickly from the car he had overtaken. I flashed this car in an effort to make the driver think and at least try and get him to slow down and think about driving sensibly.

Also, a few months ago as I turned right across the Mulligans Flat traffic lights which I had the green arrow, a driver coming from the Amaroo end just ran the red and nearly took my car out had it not been for me hitting the brakes, the horn and him swerving. My young kids were in the car that day, I would hate to think what would have happened had we both not taken evasive action to avoid hitting each other. I have seen others run this light, I guess they assume it's "not a busy intersection" but it is, and it's only getting busier.

I'm sure that a lot of us have stories of near-misses just like mine above and unfortunately some have far worse stories than mine. Please let's start a "driving revolution" in Gungahlin which will hopefully in turn rub off on others in our area - make it safe for all our community members and families. Slow down, take a breath and if you need to be in a hurry all the time, risking the safety of yourself and others - leave 5 minutes earlier! As the slogan says - It's better to arrive late then not to arrive at all.

Anonymous Gungahlin Resident


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