Police ready for Summernats 2019

03 Jan, 2019



With Christmas and New Year festivities complete, ACT Policing is ready to patrol Canberra’s next big party at Summernats.

The four-day event starts on Thursday January 3 with the traditional high-profile City Cruise between EPIC and Civic, where police will guide the participants along the cruise route.

ACT Policing Operational Commander for Summernats, Acting Station Sergeant David Wills, said everyone involved the event should remember that while there are some opportunities for activities such as burnouts in designated areas within the event grounds, road rules still apply everywhere else.

“We want the thousands of people who attend Summernats to do so safely. That message applies equally to those who are there for the social activities as well as to people behind the wheel,” Acting Station Sergeant Wills said.

“Police will work with Summernats organisers to keep everyone safe and happy. There’s never a place for drink-driving or drug-impaired driving, there’s no place for speeding or anti-social behaviour, and there’s no place for burnouts other than the burnout pad.

“We will have officers patrolling other parts of Canberra as well, including entertainment precincts and venues that often experience an increase in patronage due to the influx of visitors.

“In addition to the regular laws of the road, a further reminder that everyone – participants, spectators and exhibitors – should apply the laws of common sense and drive safely, not just within EPIC but on the ACT road network."

A full list of Summernats road closures can be found here: Summernats Road Closure Notice