Traffic light changes on Flemington Road, Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue

01 Feb, 2019



The order of traffic light signals at intersections along the light rail route is changing as the light rail integrates with the road network.

For drivers

 Please stay alert and pay close attention to traffic light signals. Obey the road rules. Do not run RED lights. Do not queue across intersections. Please be patient and wait for the GREEN light.

For pedestrians and cyclists

 Some intersections now have separate pedestrian walk signals to cross the road and then to cross the light rail tracks. Look for the pedestrian walk sign before you cross the road and again before you cross the rail tracks. Always wait for the GREEN signal before you cross.

Follow the path to safely cross the tracks. Do not step over barriers. Do not cut across intersections. It is unsafe to walk or cycle on the light rail tracks except where there is a dedicated crossing. Cyclists must dismount when crossing the light rail tracks.

If crossing the light rail tracks at a crossing that has no pedestrian signals, stop and look both ways before you cross.



Out of hours notice for Flemington Road: Mapleton Avenue and Manning Clark Crescent intersection, 1 - 4 February


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