Elia Ware Lights switched off for 2018

30 Dec, 2018



The annually held synchronised Christmas Light show with video and audio, Elia Ware Lights are switched off for 2018.

This year’s display incorporated the use of 50,000 Leds syncronised to a 9 minute mega mix of modern versions of all our favorite Christmas carols (plus a few surprises) where people could tune their car radios to FM 93.2 to hear the soundtrack. The display also uses video an a 150 inch screen.

Thousands of people came during December to see this home and were surprised with the themes including Star Wars, ACDC, the Muppet's, Fireman Sam and Paw Patrol.

The home featured included in the display a 4m pixel mega tree, leaping arches, beatpoles, spinners, Santa’s sleigh “Enterprise” complete with reindeer snow machine, bubble machine and smoke machines.

Again in 2018 they were raising funds for Legacy Australia Canberra and raised $10,821.25.

James who runs Elia Ware Lights said "So standing here in the final minutes of the display reflecting on the past 26 days and the feeling of accomplishment and joy in seeing so many people who have visited, the smiles and laughter and the coming together of community to celebrate the Christmas season. Thank you to everyone for their support. Happy new year and we'll see you in 2019 with a new show!"

As a reminder Elia Ware Lights is finished for 2018 so you will have to wait until December 2019 now.

Here is a snippet from this years show.


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