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My Gungahlin is part of Region Group.

My Gungahlin is part of Region Group.

It is our vision is to be the premier source of information about Gungahlin and to develop a sense of community within the Gungahlin region.

We will be the leader in the Gungahlin region in providing relevant news and information to those that live, work, and play in the Gungahlin region.

We provide Gungahlin community groups & businesses the opportunity to promote and develop their community groups & businesses within the region. We will

assist in developing strong networks and linkages between residents, workers, business, and community groups in the Gungahlin region.

Here you will find local news, articles of interest, property listings and information for sporting groups, community groups and support groups. We encourage individuals, schools, sporting groups, community groups and support groups to provide news or articles of interest to share with the community.

Region Group has a growing audience of 510,000+ unique monthly website visitors from Canberra and the surrounding region.


My Gungahlin was founded in 2006 by Mark Scarborough with a primary focus on providing an online business directory for Gungahlin. The original site had over 750 Gungahlin businesses listed and had a small news section for Gungahlin news and information.

My Gungahlin had a strategic change in 2012 and launched a new website which provided more news, information, and events for the Gungahlin region. The business directory was still included in the new web site design and the number of Gungahlin businesses increased to over 900.

My Gungahlin launched new branding and website in mid-2013 to make it easier for the Gungahlin community to find news, information, events, and businesses relevant to them. The new branding was designed to reflect the conversation, engagement My Gungahlin encourages and recognise the diversity in the Gungahlin community.

My Gungahlin joined the Region Media Group in mid-2020 as a strategic move to ensure its long term longevity.

Genevieve Jacobs, Group Editor

Genevieve Jacobs

Genevieve Jacobs is the Group Editor for Region Media, Australia’s fastest-growing digital news platform. Her long career as a regional journalist includes more than a decade broadcasting with ABC Canberra, encompassing a passion for telling the stories of our community from a deeply local perspective.

Genevieve chairs the ACT arts minister’s Creative Advisory Council and co-chairs the ACT Reconciliation Council.

She sits on the boards of the Cultural Facilities Corporation, the National Folk Festival and Canberra International Music Festival, and the ANU School of Music Advisory Board. She is a director of the Conflict Resolution Service and the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

Genevieve has an enduring interest in building and strengthening community engagement, and a strong belief in the importance of public interest journalism. And she still loves nothing better than a good yarn. Read more of her story here.

Tim White, Co-CEO & Director

Tim White

Canberra-born tech entrepreneur Tim White was one of the driving forces behind real estate platform Allhomes.

Tim was CEO of Allhomes from 2007-2016. While Tim was at the helm, the number of listings on the site grew from 5,000 to 430,000. Page views rose from 10,000 per day to 2 million per day, and revenue grew at an annual rate of 35 per cent. Allhomes became one of the most trusted and iconic brands in the Canberra region.

Allhomes was acquired by Fairfax Media in 2014 for $50 million.

Inspired by his young family, Tim is a passionate advocate for life in the capital. Read more of his story here.

Michael McGoogan, Co-CEO & Director

Michael McGoogan

Michael founded one of Australia’s largest cloud service providers, UberGlobal, in his Rivett bedroom when he was just 14. By the time Michael was 27, UberGlobal’s customer base had reached 130,000+. Melbourne IT acquired the business for $15.5 million in April 2015.

Michael was also the Chairman of Crucial Cloud Hosting, which was acquired by Digital Pacific for $6.5 million in June 2015.

Michael is a business builder and investor who helps online companies manage growth, drive revenue and stay profitable.

There is much more to Michael’s story, check it out here.

Ian Oswald, Chief Technical Officer

Ian Oswald

Ian has played a senior role in a series of successful high-growth technology businesses including Senior Platform Engineer at UberGlobal and Platform Developer at MelbourneIT.

Leading the development of Region Group’s technical platform, Ian is responsible for platform development, hosting, maintenance, and operations.

Ian contributes his technical expertise and mentorship to a number of businesses in the Canberra start-up community.

To learn more about Ian’s story, check it out here.

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Our full-time team is supported by an increasing diversity of regular contributors.

This depth of talent adds a dynamic to our coverage of Canberra and the surrounding region that is unique and insightful.

Meet our contributors here.

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