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John has an extensive experience of 42 years in the financial services industry, from banking to management to senior financial planning. With a realistic and “bite-sized” approach to personal finance management, John has mentored many Australian families in setting and achieving their financial goals with his step-by-step Personal Money System.

John has also spent time working as an Auditor reviewing company books for accuracy and a financial consultant helping people get into their own homes. Over his career he has reviewed thousands of bank statements to see where the money went and helped people plan their finances, create a budget or work their way out of the worst financial situations.

John has a passion for seeing people understand their finances and reach their dreams by bringing a personal touch to money or debt management. Rest assured the tips John can provide are not theoretical but tried and tested suggestions to slash your spending and help you put more cash into your pocket.

What John can do for you:

  • Sit down with you/your partner/families
  • This can be done face to face or via Skype
  • Discuss and decide what you would like to spend your money on over the next 12 months (this includes food, clothes, car expenses, holidays etc)
  • This consultation process is free
  • If there is a surplus a decision is made together on where this should be placed, i.e. debt reduction or savings
If you wish to proceed we discuss the next step. This is a system that John has created that you work from to keep you accountable and ensure only the allocated amounts are spent.
It really is a passion of John's to help people understand their finances and hopes he can work with you towards your goals.
“Focus Your Money will teach you how to increase your income by taking control of your money. You most likely have a surplus income that is being “frittered away” unnecessarily. I will teach you how to manage and grow your money. Do you ever find yourself dreaming about a financially prosperous future, but you lack a definite plan? Or are you worried that if you don’t make changes now, you’ll never reach your goals? I can help you create a clear vision and concrete success plan." -- John de Ridder



324 Gundaroo Drive, Gungahlin, ACT 2912 AU