Palmerston Shop owners addressing growing tensions

11 Apr, 2019



As a suburb matures and if the population increases, so does the demand for parking. The Palmerston local shops, a vibrant community shopping and healthcare outlet, is no different. The increased demand for parking for after school hours is causing tension.

The shop owners are focused on maintaining Palmerston’s community and family friendly atmosphere and simply ask the handful of offending parents to please respect the parking rules.

For over twenty years this shopping hub has offered local residents the convenience of popping in to pick up groceries, take-aways, medication or undertake a beauty treatment or health check.

Once school hours are over, the car park becomes very congested. There are consistent issues with double parking, illegally using the disabled parking and parents waiting in the car within the short term parking bay, sometimes for over an hour.

To ensure there is equitable parking for all customers, a row of parking has been allocated for short term (15 minute) parking. A flyer has also been created explaining the parking rules and regulations to help educate these repeat offenders.

The shop owners have also been proactive with a request for government funding to expand the car park. This however will be a medium to long term solution with no promise from the government for implementation.

In the interim, the request and solution is simple. Respect the short term parking rules.


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