Car Load of Groceries For Communities@Work's Community Pantry

01 Oct, 2015



A Birthday Donation!

Last week a local community member came into Communities@Work’s Social Programs in Gungahlin with some donations for the pantry. The team were ready to accept this with very grateful arms when she said she would need some help unloading the donation from the car. Excitedly, the volunteers followed her out to her car and were amazed to see that it was full to the brim with groceries.

When asked about this donation she explained that she had just celebrated her 40th birthday and instead of guests bringing presents she had asked everyone to donate items to the Community Pantry. This anonymous donor also shared "Going in today and seeing how many people use the pantry makes me sad but happy I can give back. I was probably in a similar situation growing up so am now in a position where I can give back and I'm so grateful for that"


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