Development Application for Temple in Nicholls

07 Jun, 2018



A development application has been submitted for a Budhist Temple in Nicholls on behalf of the Sri Lanka Dhamma Vihara Association at 54 Kelleway Avenue. This block is also known as Block 24, Section 73, Nicholls. 

A previous development application was approved for this block for "a place of worship and ancillary uses comprising Stage 1 of the Sri Lankan Budhist Temple including a worship/meditation hall, a library, monk's accommodation, associated parking, landscaping, external lighting and other site works..." (DA201629217).

The site layout, access and parking provisions from the previous approved development application remain unchanged. This proposal is for the temple/shrine only.

This Development Application 201833727 can be viewed here and submissions submitted until 22/6/2018 .

Image taken from Development Application. Image created by CODECAP Engineers, Harrison, ACT.