Light rail stage 1 testing progresses with simulated exercise

06 Dec, 2018



Testing of light rail is progressing with the first simulated incident exercise scheduled to take place on Thursday 6 December.

The ACT Government and Canberra Metro are committed to delivering light rail in Canberra that is of the highest safety standard. As part of the testing and commissioning process, a number of simulated exercises are planned to test and refine emergency systems and procedures. This exercise is undertaken as a joint operation with Emergency Services and Transport Canberra.

The first test will involve a simulated collision between a light rail vehicle and a car on the northern section of the light rail corridor. Emergency Services, including police, fire and ambulance, will be onsite at the exercise to assist with testing the operational and technical procedures.

Safety continues to be the highest priority for the ACT Government and Canberra Metro. With testing and commissioning underway only authorised personnel are permitted inside the rail zone. The community are encouraged to avoid the area and must stay outside the red and yellow water barriers and not attempt to enter the light rail corridor at any time. During the simulated exercise traffic controls will be in place to manage the safety of the public and personnel involved in the exercise.


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