Holiday heatwave conditions for the ACT

27 Dec, 2018



Canberrans and visitors to the national capital are being reminded of some simple ways to beat the heat these holidays, with heatwave conditions expected across the ACT for the remainder of this week.

The heatwave conditions are forecast from Wednesday 26 December (Boxing day) up until Saturday 29 December 2018.

With temperatures rising as high at 38 degrees during the day, people are encouraged to follow some simple summer safety tips to avoid heat-related stress and illness. This is particularly important over the holidays, with people outdoors more and celebrating with friends and family.

Summer safety tips:

  • Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water, especially when drinking alcohol and caffeine as they can make dehydration worse.
  • Plan your day around the heat – avoid being outdoors between 11am and 3pm and seek shade when outside.
  • Soak – take a cool shower or bath to help you cool down.
  • Be cool – stay indoors and make use of fans or air-conditioners.
  • Rest – make sure you get enough sleep, and rest if you feel tired.
  • Eat fresh – try eating cold foods such as salads or fruit.
  • Check on others – this includes children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with medical conditions and don't forget your pets!
  • Dress down – wear light weight clothing and be sun-smart.
  • Watch Out – be on the lookout for any symptoms of heat related illness and see your GP if you feel unwell. In an emergency call Emergency Triple Zero (E000).

People should also keep a check on those most at risk of heat-related illness. This includes the elderly, young children and babies, those with illness and chronic medical conditions and pregnant women.

If someone is experiencing symptoms of heat stress during hot weather, take the following actions:

  • Try to get the person to a cooler environment.
  • Lay the person down.
  • Cool them by applying cool, wet towels around the neck and underarms.
  • If conscious, give cool fluids (preferably water) to drink.

People with these symptoms should also be assisted to seek medical attention through their GP or in an emergency by calling E000 for an ambulance.

For more information on summer safety and preventing heat-related illness, visit:

For further information on the heatwave conditions, visit the BOM website:


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