Hands up for H2O: Have your say on location of new drinking fountains

01 Apr, 2014



Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury called on Canberrans to have their say on the location of new drinking fountains to be installed across the City

“As part of the Labor-Greens Parliamentary Agreement, the ACT Government will install 30 new drinking fountains in public places across Canberra. They will each be equipped with a water refill station in an effort to reduce use of disposable bottles and increase water consumption,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“Ten of the new fountains will be installed at pre-selected district and neighbourhood ovals in Canberra and the remaining 20 in areas with high levels of pedestrian activity such as town and group centres, parks and along major cyclist and pedestrian path networks.

“Community feedback is invited on where the final 20 drinking fountains should be located based on a shortlist of 30 potential sites.

“While there are a number of drinking fountains available across Canberra, not many allow you to easily refill a reusable bottle,” Mr Rattenbury said. “This means people are more likely to purchase bottled water or sugary drinks while on the go.

“The new drinking fountains will not only provide a convenient means to access fresh water for free, but aim to reduce the amount of recycling being generated from purchased drinks.

The Chief Minister said that the new water fountains would have a positive influence on healthy drinking behaviour among Canberrans.

“Water should be the clear drink of choice in the ACT and water fountains in popular public places like sporting ovals and areas with high pedestrian traffic will make it very easy to fill their water bottle with free clean water rather than buy a sugary drink,” the Chief Minister said.

“One of the biggest incentives for people to drink water is to make it easily accessible and I look forward to seeing more Canberrans make water their drink of choice both at home and now when out in public.”

“The ACT Government is taking the lead to implement initiatives that create an environment where making healthy lifestyle choices are easier. Encouraging people to carry reusable bottles and access tap water instead of purchasing sugary drinks is just one way we can achieve healthy weight outcomes,” Mr Rattenbury said.

The ACT Government has invested $240,000 in the project, with the majority of the new fountains to be installed by June 2015. 

“You can provide feedback on the proposed locations for new fixed drinking fountains with refill stations by completing an online survey at www.timetotalk.act.gov.au or by picking up a hardcopy survey from any ACT Libraries branch. Consultation closes 5 pm Friday 16 May 2014.


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