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29 Sep, 2015



For this ‘My Story’ I sat down with Wade from Harrison to talk about his project aimed at dads just like him (and me!).

Wade is a father of two and founder and one of the administrators of PlayStation GamerDad who describes himself as “A Gamer and a Dad”.

Firstly, what is PlayStation GamerDad? “PlayStation GamerDad is about providing other Dads and time constrained people out there advice on what to buy in terms of console packs and games.”

I asked Wade why he started PS GamerDad. “Since I was 12, I have owned every PlayStation console from release. I'm such a PlayStation enthusiastic, it's not funny. I have grown up with the brand – it’s part of my life. Fast forward to having kids, I realised not many Dads know what games to buy when they do get that chance and this is what my PSGD Videos cover. My brand is to help Dads, but also time constrained people, work out what they might be able to balance in terms of gaming - not wasting their money.”

In gaming Christmas is always a big time of year with game releases and console packs. Is there any advice you will be able to offer your followers who haven’t yet got themselves a PlayStation4? “Coming into Christmas I’m going to do console deal analysis – so if you are looking for one, be sure to stop by my Facebook page.” Wade responded.

When not on the PlayStation where do you like to hang out with your kids? “My kids love to go and have a hot chocolate at one of the local cafes, or play in some of the great parks in and around Gungahlin, the flying foxes at Yerrabi ponds are always a favourite.“

So for all the other Gungahlin PS GamerDad’s out there you can find PS GamerDad on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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