The Constance search for gluten free

01 Jun, 2014



Local Gungahlin Constance (Connie) has found eating out as a Coeliac is a difficult thing. Avoiding food with gluten in them, making sure food is cooked in separate oils and different saucepans.

"Now add the being a fussy eater into the mix and well you find yourself in my shoes. Although being diagnosed with Coeliacs disease has forced me to try foods that I would not have gone near." Connie said.  

She will be posting mini reviews on her blog on meals she has ordered out and letting you know how the service after you ask the “Do you have any Gluten Free options?” question that can be answered with a big roll of the eyes from your waiter/waitress.

Connie has already done a number of reviews of Gungahlin restaurants and take aways.

You can find her blog here Follow the search on Facebook here

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