Severe parking issues in the vicinity of Gungahlin Place and Anthony Rolfe

10 Jul, 2014



Attention residents and users of Bruning St, Boreham St, Gungahlin Pl, Sarre St, Anthony Rolfe, Huyer St, Margrie Lane, and Devlin St in Gungahlin. Or, anyone who parks nearby to these locations, especially near the Gungahlin Barber or Tatts on Tatts Off.

Recently, the DA #201324439 has been released. This is for the large block that is bordered by Gungahlin Place, Anthony Rolfe, Donnelly Lane and Sarre St, in Gungahlin.

The DA shows a severe lack of car parking for the expected tenants of the new building. There is a parking study within the DA that estimates a 144 space demand. Yet, it then states that the building will provide only 63 on-site parking spaces.

The parking study says that shortfall is expected to be made up by building users parking at the following locations:

1. Bruning St - Always completely full.
2. Anthony Rolfe - In the slip lane where Askelgirl and the Gungahlin Barber are located. Always full, often with cars parked on the nature strip.
3. Magrie Lane - This is the back carpark of Woolworths.
4. Ernest Cavanagh St - in the two disabled carparks near the Woolworths loading dock.
5. Ernest Cavanagh St - in the two 15 min carparks marked as "Community Centre Only".
6. Anthony Rolfe - in front of Tatts on Tatts Off and Elders Real Estate. Always full, usually so much that vehicles park on the median strip of Anthony Rolfe.

Do the residents and current users of the neighbourhood believe that there is really sufficient space for an extra 81 vehicles to park in these locations?

Does suggesting that residents and users of the new building park in a handicapped zone or in the community centre parking annoy anyone?

Currently the site of the proposed development is used as a car park by residents and users of this neighbourhood, because there is ALREADY a shortfall in car parking.

The development of this large block is welcomed. The poorly maintained block has been a dumping site, makeshift carpark, an eyesore and an embarrassment to the neighbourhood for years. But, if this construction goes ahead as proposed, the parking stress it will place on the immediate vicinity will be extremely serious.

Can I please encourage anyone interested to look at the DA online. Please note that because the proposers have failed to give the address of the development, it is not shown on the map! To find this DA you need to look under 'G' for Gungahlin.

The web address is

Kathleen Mary

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