Gungahlin film maker and business man team up to spread the word on palliative care

25 Feb, 2014



My Story by Brett White

My name is Brett White, and I'm the Managing Director and Chief Unmanned Aerial Systems Controller for White Knight Unmanned Aerial Systems Pty Ltd.

We're based out of Gungahlin. What do we do? We fly drones. We fly them safely, we fly them legally and we get people awesome aerial footage; and we're the only ones in Canberra who are certified to do it. Why is this important? Well...

Late last year, I reached out to a local Gungahlin film maker, Judith Peterson, who was making a film about palliative care. In the opening email, before I had even met her, I had offered my services to her free of charge. Why did I do this? For two reasons; firstly, because the film is going to be doing the festival rounds which will be great for everyone involved; the actors, the camera crew, the producers and directors. Secondly and more importantly to me personally; it's then going to be used as a training aid for all of the professions who are working in palliative wards and homes.

The team from The Glue That Holds Us Together have launched a Pozible campaign to help them get through post production. We've done the filming, we've got all the footage and now the team has to put in the hard slog to cut it together and make it look awesome. They've achieved almost $990 out of their $1,500 goal with 18 days to go, and it would be great to see them get over the line.

If successful, the film will have a premiere at Smiths Alternative Bookshop. If you like the page on Facebook, you will get all the details when they are available.

Please take a look at the project and if, like me, you think that this is a noble and worthy way to educate people about a topic that we shy away from as a society, please consider pledging to the project at pozible.


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