Gungahlin Developments

31 Mar, 2014



Gungahlin Community Council was looking forward to participating in the open day for the Gungahlin Enclosed Oval but the recent rain caused the cancellation of the event so some committee members mounted a stall in the shopping centre to elicit community reactions to developments, or lack thereof, in the district. Most people were aware of, and looking forward to, the opening of the Gungahlin Leisure Centre in late May but roads and Light Rail were prominent issues of ongoing concern.

Many residents simply cannot understand the apparent lack of planning for the roads network around the growing Town Centre. Problems with roads and intersections are increasing as the population grows, mainly because residents still have to leave the district to find work or access many shopping, health and entertainment services. They are already starting to worry about parking problems that are likely to emerge throughout the Town Centre in the not-too-distant future. 

The next GCC Public Meeting will be held on Wednesday 09 April 2014 from 7.30 to 9.00pm at the Gungahlin Library and will cover the implications for Gungahlin of the Economic Stimulus Package and Development updates including Moncrieff and other sites such as the cinema and a new club. 

YMCA NSW has been appointed as Managers of the new Gungahlin Leisure Centre which is due to open on 24 May. At the April meeting Richard Price, General Manager of YMCA NSW, will outline their plans for this vital community resource. YMCA NSW has experience in operating over 200 similar centres and has identified plans for significant community involvement. 

GCC is awaiting confirmation an update from NBN Co. on developments in Gungahlin particularly in relation to connection of businesses and multi-tenanted (more than 2) premises. In addition it is seeking information on the transition of former TransACT customers to NBN services, mainly in relation to the fate of Pay TV services that TransACT customers previously enjoyed. A major public information campaign is needed as additional areas of Gungahlin are switched off from the ‘old’ standard telephone service because the NBN network has been in place for over 12 months. 

The following meeting will seek an update on Capital Metro (Light Rail). Parking problems are emerging as a major issue that seem to be put in the “too hard’’ basket by the planners. More pressure needs to be placed on politicians to fund significant roads upgrades in the next budget. 

Gungahlin will continue to experience growing pains as population growth surges ahead of the amenities and services provided. The bringing forward of infrastructure projects in at least one new area means that population growth will be increased further. Gungahlin residents will soon be asked to provide views on a Gungahlin-specific electorate for the 2016 ACT Legislative assembly election as the area is rapidly approaching a size that can accommodate its own 5-member electorate. 

Ewan Brown President GCC

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