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Welcome To Zero Water Car Wash

Water is one of the most prized resource and ‘Zero Water Car Wash’ deals with the Waterless Car Wash Spray-On Products that have zero water consumption.

We believe in saving this imperative resource by means of our outstanding Waterless Wash and Wax spray-on products that are used in automotive wash.

We at Zero Water Car Wash always believe in betterment of our customers and the society through our initiative, that’s why, we developed ‘Zero Water Car Wash’. We are specialised into waterless car wash & wax with our high-end Australian made products.

Zero Water Car Wash vastly aims at sparkling your cars and furnish them with a clean look by not using water in our products. Our products can get your vehicle clean and sparkling with minimal effort and Zero Water consumption.

Zero Water Car Wash and Wax Sprays

Zero Water Car Wash is an easy to use car care product that you can Spray On, Wipe Off the dirt and Wipe to Dry & Shine! Clean, Wax & Protect your car with using Zero Water consumption, virtually anywhere/ anytime, wet or dry, indoor or outdoor.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Zerowater Wash is to provide a genuinely pleasant and satisfying car wash experience to each of our customers that makes them feel good about themselves, their car, and their environment and to save water, money and time.

Our Vision

We are constantly looking for ways to challenge the norm in order to provide progressive, excellent and eco-friendly solutions for our customers. Our vision is to change the way people wash their cars.

All of our products are of the highest quality, are safe for the environment and there is no water dispersed into the drainage systems.

Our Promise

Establishing a Zero water Wash enabled us to provide customers with an innovative yet superior method of cleaning that saved tons of water. Our goal is to create a meaningful and enriching experience for every customer. We want our service, interaction and demeanor to be spirited and uplifting!


, Gungahlin, ACT 2912 AU