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Gungahlin welcomes The Meadows Original Frozen Custard tradition @ IVY, Franklin
In the summer of 1950, brothers J.V and Delbert Meadows opened a small frozen custard stand in Duncansville, Pennsylvania.
News spread so rapidly, that lines of up to 50 people deep jostled to get their hands on this delicious frozen treat!
Dick, Jay and Joel Meadows (sons of Delbert), own and operate the original Duncansville location which continues to thrive and is considered to be a tourist attraction.

Meadows Original Recipe smooth, tasty custard is in such high demand that there are 30 franchises dotted over the east coast of America, each locally owned and operated.
We are very excited to bring the Meadows Frozen Custard tradition to Australia with the very first store right here in Gungahlin.
Meadows Frozen Custard is always delicious, freshly made right in front of your eyes in our unique specialised frozen custard machine.
Meadows Frozen Custard gets its’ smooth, creamy consistency by being continuously fed into the barrel of our custard machine. It is frozen rapidly with very little air added. This is why Meadows Frozen Custard has such a velvety smooth texture and gorgeous rich flavour.


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Shop 127, 3 Clare Burton Crescent, Franklin, ACT 2914 AU