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Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia’s largest and most reputable multi-sport and exercise program for toddlers and children (aged 1.5-6 years). Our high quality, physio-designed program teaches children the fundamentals of ten different sports in a fun, non-competitive, team-based environment.

Our classes run for 30-45 minutes and there are five sports covered each term. Classes also focus on a specific gross motor, hand-eye/foot-eye and/or balance activity to complement the sport component. Our program has a structure that is repeated each week so that participants become familiar and comfortable with the routine.
Ready Steady Go Kids seeks to develop a lifelong passion for physical activity and sport, decrease childhood obesity, increase confidence and prepare children for participation in school and the broader community.
Location: Palmerston, Lyneham, Braddon, Melba and Tuggeranong


, Palmerston, ACT 2913 AU