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Gungahlin Gollege Gymnasium, 23 Gozzard Street,
Gungahlin, ACT 2912

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Often surrounded in mystery, the martial arts can be both confusing and confronting but at Gungahlin Martial Arts we make it easy with our 5 week beginners program.

Join other students getting started, in this adults only program, learning about the fundamentals of the martial arts in a casual atmosphere, wearing shoes and in your regular exercise clothing.

Once you have completed the beginners course you can continue training with Gungahlin Martial Arts learning the Chinese art of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun was made famous by Bruce Lee who learnt some of the system in Hong Kong before moving to the United States. More recently the art has been popularised in the Ip Man movies featuring Donnie Yen.

The chief instructor, Sifu Richard Block teaches both the Hong Kong Yip (Ip) Man version of Wing Chun and the Yuen Kay San (Mainland Chinese) version of Wing Chun.

Sifu Block is the only disciple of Sifu Zopa Gyatso teaching Wing Chun in Australia. Sifu Zopa is an internationally renowned instructor and one of the few martial arts experts to have learnt all three systems of Wing Chun; Yip Man, Yuen Kay San and Pin San.

With traditions stretching back generations, Wing Chun is known as one of the most direct and practical martial arts to learn.

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Gungahlin Gollege Gymnasium, 23 Gozzard Street, Gungahlin, ACT 2912 AU