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Bruce’s Playgrounds & Landscaping - your local rubber soft-fall surface specialist.

Bruce’s Playgrounds and Landscaping are landscape, rubber soft-fall & playground solution specialists operating within Canberra and Southern NSW. We provide a friendly, creative and professional solution to your outdoor space, we have been providing landscaping & rubber soft-fall solutions to domestic, commercial & government clients in Canberra for the last 15 years.
Design, Create, Play
Let us design & create a safe, colourful and clean alternative to existing tanbark or sand with interactive rubber surfaces.
When you purchase a play solution from Bruce’s Playgrounds you have the knowledge that you are dealing with a company that has the advantage of being in the position to implement a complete play solution with both equipment and surfacing.
As every parent knows, playgrounds are places where kids run wild. So our priority is always that our playgrounds are designed in a fashion that finely balances fun with safety and results in laughter and learning. Our wet pour rubber is the ideal surface for playgrounds where a cushion like impact is paramount with young children.
  • Playgrounds
  • Early Learning Centres
  • Schools
  • Shops
  • Sports Surfaces
  • Golf
  • Gymnasium
  • Equestrian
  • Synthetic Grass
  • 3D Moulded Rubber Creations

The options are endless, let your imagination run wild, you can combine all kinds of colours, textures and shape variations to create a simulating and interactive playground or area.

Why Rubber Surfaces? It's strong, durable and incredibly versatile. Generally speaking, rubber is ideal where traffic flow is constant. And it's not just for humans either! You'll find our products are also ideal for a number of animal applications.

Rubber surfacing applications are used extensively in Australia for wet-pouring various surfacing applications also including pool surrounds, walkways and non-slip surfaces. Rubber wet pour is porous, durable and poured on site, it consists of rubber granules bound with a polyurethane resin to form a continuous and seamless surface.
Leave it to the team at Bruce’s to turn your vision into reality.


77 Heffernan Street, Mitchell, ACT 2911 AU