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Exhibition Park, Flemington Road,
Mitchell, ACT 2911

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Love motor racing but just can't afford the time, space or actual cash to live out your dreams of being the next Brocky?

Maybe it’s time to consider Radio Controlled Car Racing.

We’re not talking the toys you find in K-mart. These are sophisticated machines packing technology and features similar to the real thing.

Thousands of people compete is competitions all around the county every weekend testing their skills and ability while making friends and meeting new people.

In Canberra the ACT Model Car Racing Club hosts race meetings for On Road R/C Cars at both its outdoor track in Kambah as well as at EPIC in North Canberra. Race meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday and Sunday and are open to everyone who wants to come along.

The Club has a car available for those looking to 'try before they buy'.

Races are divided into classes to suite budgets and skills, ranging from the scale realism of the F1 and Mini classes to the sound and fury of the Modified Touring Cars and 1/8th Nitro classes.

If you’re interested in getting involved or coming along to watch the racing visit our website where you will find our calendar, contact details and heaps of other information.


Exhibition Park, Flemington Road, Mitchell, ACT 2911 AU