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Michael Weaver is a journalist of more than 25 years. He hails from the NSW north coast, and after studying in Canberra and working as a sports journalist on the NSW south coast, he now calls Queanbeyan home.

Michael has worked for several Federal Government agencies as a journalist, media liaison officer and web content writer. Michael is passionate about the local community and can also be found playing bass with bands in local venues. As a proud lefty, he also thinks Paul McCartney is still cool.

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If the cap fits, share it: how a Gungahlin sports fan used lockdown to build a side hustle
Working from home has given many of us the chance to live in our old clothes, but one Canberran has decided to instead use the lockdown to sell clothing. After returning from the United States, Tom Falco knew there was a market for fashionable clothes from many of the top US sporting teams. "It's a business idea that I've had...
Three COVID-19 cases emerge in ACT linked to Victoria
The ACT has recorded its first cases of COVID-19 in more than a month, with three new cases emerging during the past 24 hours. The three cases are all in the same household and are directly linked to the second wave of the virus in Victoria. ACT Chief Health Officer Dr Kerryn Coleman said although the risk of community transmission...
Frisbee followers take ultimate leap back into competition
It's a sport that prides itself on not needing referees - so you know they're going to play by the COVID-19 rules. And now sport is back on, Ultimate Frisbee will be one of the first to return to competition mode this Sunday when the first round of the Canberra Ultimate Premier League takes to the field. As a designated non-contact sport,...
George Harcourt’s ‘caremongering’ is helping get food to those in need
As all licensed premises in Canberra closed due to COVID-19, the George Harcourt Inn at Gold Creek found a way to keep the cheer flowing, trading scaremongering for 'caremongering'. Before the shutdown was enforced, the George and its community-minded staff began making heavily discounted and nutritious takeaway meals for disadvantaged groups in Canberra – mainly pensioners, senior citizens and people with a disability...
“It’s a disgrace,” says resident as Gungahlin becomes a dumping ground
An area at the back of Big W at Gungahlin has been turned into a dumping ground of discarded items as residents leave mattresses, lounges and bags of clothes near donation bins in the area. When Gungahlin residents Cecilia Marshall and her husband Greg saw the mess again this morning (17 December), they decided they'd had enough of seeing their...