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Unit 1E, 5 Pelle Circuit,
Mitchell, ACT 2911

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Sirens Cheerleaders train males and females of all ages to be great cheerleaders: hard-working athletes who can stunt, jump, tumble and dance, role models with the positive, enthusiastic, committed and supportive attitude a real cheerleader embodies.

Sirens Cheerleaders compete at local, national and international cheerleading competitions and perform at local events and games. We love to win but we'll never compromise fun for trophies. Our values and culture always come first so we can make you a great home.

Please check out our website to find what you've been looking for! We have more than 30 weekly recreational and competitive squad classes at our specialist cheerleading gym in Canberra. We'd love to include you in our family.


Unit 1E, 5 Pelle Circuit, Mitchell, ACT 2911 AU