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Phoenix Combat Sports has been operating successfully in Canberra for over 20 years. Phoenix offers classes for all fitness levels.
All of Phoenix programs work because we coach members, we run developmental programs, we teach, lead, coach and inspire you to train. Our training gets results and it becomes an integral part of your life. Phoenix has been here for over 20 years and we have the coaches and facility to deliver world class programs. Phoenix is one club and your membership entitles you to do any of our programs.


Phoenix is a combat sports, martial arts and fitness club. With over 40 classes a week for adults to choose from we offer the following martial arts programs:
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Boxing
  • We have great a great fitness program called PhoenixFit. PhoenixFit has a variety of classes that will keep you motivated, challenged and develop you into the fitter person you want to be. No matter your goals, PhoenixFit has a class for you. Functional and developmental, PhoenixFit will challenge you and get you fitter, faster, stronger and tougher.

Phoenix children’s programs are a modern martial art approach to effective training for children. Children from 5 to 15 years can learn Muay Thai and coordination skills.


  • "Why I Train at Phoenix – Olivia Kerr I first came along to Phoenix 4 years ago, when my dad bought Anthony’s old van still adorned with Phoenix stickers and TTFU logos. After some research, I was curious about the gym itself and after heading in to my first junior dragons class, I had never seen as much commitment, motivation and effort by all different people going into their training. Needless to say, this rubbed off on me, as after my first junior sparring classes I was hooked, and so eager to train as much as I could; alongside a great group of people and coaches that are constantly supporting and encouraging you to go that step further. The first seminar I attended was an experience I’ll never forget. The coaches, top fighters, advanced to TTFU-intermediate students and beginners like me all training collectively to better their own techniques and help everyone else in doing the same. The sense of community at Phoenix is like no other, as everyone is connected with that goal of improvement, discipline and determination. Training with the fight team for the past couple of years has allowed to realise a whole new side of my training and fighting abilities, through hours and hours of hard slog. The sense of community and how rewarding the feelings are of pushing yourself to your limits and reaping the rewards of your hard training are truly indescribable. There have been countless Saturday mornings where I’ve left sparring completely exhausted, pummelled and covered in bruises with a big smile on my face because however small it may seem, knowing that you worked hard and that you’re improving is enough to make you smile through the pain. I’ve been able to achieve things I never thought possible through my dedication and commitment to training and upholding the values of Phoenix Gym. Last June I had my first fight and came away with a win, an experience I would previously have never even considered. The feeling of being in the ring surrounded by lights and noise and filled with adrenaline is one like no other, and I wouldn’t have been able to even come close to that without the encouragement and support from everyone the coaches, the fight team, and everyone else at Phoenix. I can’t deny that training and fighting at Phoenix have been some of the hardest, yet most rewarding challenges I’ve ever faced, both mentally and physically. And I couldn’t think of a gym that gives you an experience anything like it. There has been (minimal) blood, a whole lot of sweat and certainly tears (along with a copious amount of bruising) during my time at training, sparring and being a dedicated member of Phoenix; but this is only just the beginning, I know I am only getting started."
    Olivia Kerr 14 September, 2017

  • "Francis (WAKO - Australia) Phoenix is one of those gyms you find every once in a while, where the formula for success is correct, but the biggest impression it makes is the quality of unity, family and support the gym members have for each other. Phoenix gym I can honestly say is probably the #1 gym I have come across globally for the whole package."
    Francis - WAKO Australia 15 January, 2018

  • "Why I Train at Phoenix – Michelle Owens I came to Phoenix 5-6 years ago when a friend wanted to try out the fitness classes. That friend moved on from Phoenix after a few months, but I quickly became addicted. At first it was one or two fitness classes a week, over time it turned into one or two classes a day. I became stronger and fitter than I ever had been. Phoenix is not just about fitness, it’s also family. I have made more friends here than anywhere else. Two years ago, after numerous suggestions from Phoenix friends, I attended my first Muay Thai class. Why did I not do it earlier?? No idea! But better late than never, I had finally found the thing that made sense to me. I love Muay Thai and training at Phoenix has been a better experience than I could ever had imagined. I keep setting goals and with the help of the amazing coaching staff and support from the whole gym, I keep achieving my goals. First to grade in Muay Thai, then pass the fight team fitness test, grade again, first fight, train and fight in Thailand, compete at the Australian National Championships, there is absolutely no limit at Phoenix. Two years ago, when I started training in Muay Thai I could never imagine that I would win gold at Nationals this year. I stay at Phoenix because I want to see how far I can go and I know with Phoenix behind me I can do anything. "
    Michelle Owens 01 February, 2018


Cnr Essington Street & McEacharn Place, Mitchell, ACT 2911 AU