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Elements4life is owned and run by two passionate local fitness professionals, Erin Wells and Sebastian Ellis. 

Elements4life is a community driven gym with a solid coaching team which will assess and apply solutions to their clients’ fitness requirements whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

Our goal is to improve the fitness and health of our community as well as give people a place to train that feels inviting and encouraging.

We believe everything is connected and when you seek to build healthy routines supported by a great community and attentive coaching, your health and fitness will improve dramatically.

Sebastian Jago

My coaching is based around behavioural adjustments inside and outside of the gym via specific education, learning and knowledge ~ Sebastian Jago 

Erin Wells

5 years ago, 4 months after giving birth to my 4th child, I took the first step towards changing my life and it started with a personal trainer ~ Erin Wells 

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  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? The constant motivation & encouragement E4L delivers."
    Julie Savy 18 April, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? I love the short intense varied workout EL4 offers, the friendly environment, the hard working lovely coaches and the encouragement I get from other gym members."
    Fran Hardwicke 08 May, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4life? I am so glad that I walked past Elements4Life by chance and spoke to Sab in November last year. I have not lived in Canberra for very long and I feel like I am not just part of a gym but part of a community. I have met such wonderful friends. As a gym I love the whole of lifestyle focus and also that the workouts are always different and always challenging. It’s easily the best gym in Canberra and I love it to bits."
    Joanne Fitzgerald 06 June, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? Support and motivation you get from the coaches and E4L members"
    Daniela Milosovic 03 June, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? Fun group environment!"
    Michael Robertson 06 June, 2018


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79-81/170 Flemington Road, Harrison, ACT 2914 AU