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Elements4Life (E4L) is an innovative and advanced “Functional Team Training” fitness network that combines experienced coaching techniques, effective training systems, advanced technology and daily training protocols that grow strong and encouraging communities.

Founded in 2010, by Sebastian Ellis, E4L is one of the most matured functional group training systems in Australia with 10+ years of hands on development and evolution.

E4L uses the latest technology and in particular our unique customised E4L SmartTeam™ which is the most advanced coaching application in the industry.

E4L is "Functional Team Training 4.0", legitimised by E4L SmartTeam™ technology and a high performance qualified coaching team.

Smarter. Better.

What is E4L Team Training?

E4L Team Training is an extensive and effective structured coaching program developed over 10+ years.

We have modernized our methods via a state-of-the-art patented technologies - SmartTeam™ | MyZone | InBody - that enables a highly structured measurable and visual experience enabling people of all levels to further enhance their skill set, fitness and results with direct coaching and encouragement in a team environment.

Our customized and varied weekly programming will provide the complete environmental challenges and progression to stimulate the nervous system towards physical, mental and emotional change.

Our training system is also sustainable, very affordable and delivers high end value to our members.

The E4L Team Training system will shred fat, sculpt the body, build muscle and increase your strength to amazing levels.

They are also heaps of fun and there is something special about training in a team environment.

Why does it work?

We focus on the 10 Elements of Fitness and work though all planes of motion with an understood scientific methodology on what works.

We use all proven methods of training and bring them into one ultimate system, the E4L Team Training system.

With over 50+ effective workout formats and a focus on the 4 elements of training, we can deliver a great user experience, extended variety and amazing results.

Interested in training with our community?

Email - getstarted@elements4life.com.au




  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? The constant motivation & encouragement E4L delivers."
    Julie Savy 18 April, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? I love the short intense varied workout EL4 offers, the friendly environment, the hard working lovely coaches and the encouragement I get from other gym members."
    Fran Hardwicke 08 May, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4life? I am so glad that I walked past Elements4Life by chance and spoke to Sab in November last year. I have not lived in Canberra for very long and I feel like I am not just part of a gym but part of a community. I have met such wonderful friends. As a gym I love the whole of lifestyle focus and also that the workouts are always different and always challenging. It’s easily the best gym in Canberra and I love it to bits."
    Joanne Fitzgerald 06 June, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? Support and motivation you get from the coaches and E4L members"
    Daniela Milosovic 03 June, 2018

  • "What do you like about Elements4Life? Fun group environment!"
    Michael Robertson 06 June, 2018


79-81/170 Flemington Road, Harrison, ACT 2914 AU