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Not enough hours in your day to take care of your life commitments let alone the beloved family pets? Then give Cody’s Companions a try and I will alleviate this requirement in your life so you can dedicate your precious time to whatever it is that you want to do.

If you are after someone to walk your dog, provide in home care, transportation in and around Canberra or even home assistance, you can rest assured that your fur child is being well looked after. I am not only professional, reliable and trustworthy but dedicated to providing your pet with the same care as if they were one of my own.

Regardless of how many animals or types of animals you have in the one household, I will provide the best possible service I can within a specified time period and for a specified price. Sorry, no request for care of livestock – household pets only.

Services offered:
Dog Walking - Are there just not enough hours in your day? Do you have work commitments, family commitments, social commitments, household commitments and last, but not least, personal commitments?

Like us, dogs need activity, socialisation and stimulus, all of which can be provided through walking. That is why I am here to help both you and your dog.
I guarantee personal one on one (or one on two) time with your precious pet whether it be for a half or full hour period and for as many times a week as you require. I will ensure that your dog remains on either a flexi or rigid lead at all times and on completion of walk, I will guarantee that your dog has sufficient water to drink as well as ensure they are safe and secure in their own home.
Whether you require a one off or regular dog walking commitment, it is up to you to determine the duration and frequency of your dog walking regime.
In Home Pet Care - Do you travel for business or pleasure, drive up to Sydney or the coast for weekends or go away with the family during school and public holidays?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then don’t worry. I will come to your house and provide both you and your pet with a myriad of services.

Prior to any In Home Pet Care services commencing, I will conduct a free visit to your home to complete a questionnaire relating to you and your pets needs and requirements. This service normally takes between 30-45 minutes to complete and it is requested that you provide appropriate keys to access your dwelling at this time. The time frame requested will determine what services can be accomplished so please consider what your service priorities will be and we will discuss them during the first in home visit.


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