Local Equestrian is on a Quest to be Queen

01 Mar, 2014



This September Local Equestrian Simone Monaghan will be competing for the title of Australian Rodeo Queen. The Australian Rodeo Queen Quest was founded in 1992 by the National Rodeo Council of Australia after recognising the need to promote and encourage young women into the heritage sport of rodeo. 

Simone is a wife and mother who was born in Dubbo and lived on a property that her parents ran as a riding school for 10 years. "I have moved around quite a bit through my life carting horses everywhere with us. We generally move every few years with my husbands postings with work. We are currently based in Franklin and have really enjoyed it here for the last 3 years." 

As a mother of 2 young children Simone feel’s very privileged to be partaking in this years’ quest. “The Australian Rodeo Queen Quest is something that I have wanted to do for many years. I am in love with the culture, camaraderie and excitement that is the sport of rodeo as well as the attitude and friendliness of those involved with it. There are very few sports that are as exciting and spectator friendly as rodeo. It is a sport that has such a strong heritage in the way many used to and still do live their lives daily on property’s and stations throughout Australia. I believe it is important not only to the sport but to our culture that we preserve and cultivate it.” 

When she isn't preparing for rodeo Simone passes her days as a full time mother and studying business management by distance. Prior to this she was working in disability recruitment and has also served in the Royal Australian Air Force. In her down time she enjoys singing, song writing as well as sewing and crafts. 

"I am passionate about rodeo as well as everything to do with horses, from dressage to archery on horseback. My goal is to use the quest to encourage the younger generation of women to get involved in this sport that not only instils good ethics, integrity and the Australian tradition of mate-ship but I also want to encourage young woman to hold onto their dreams and goals no matter what they are.” 

As an entrant in the Rodeo Queen Quest of Australia Simone is required to meet a fundraising target prior to judging week in September 2014. All the funds raised go towards the promotion of the sport of rodeo to young women across the country whilst also raising the profile of women in this sport. 

Simone is also encouraged to raise funds for a charity of her choice during the quest. Simone has chosen Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT). "If I was lucky enough to be crowned Australian Rodeo Queen, I would look forward to being an Ambassador for the sport of rodeo in Australia and overseas. I will also continue to be a positive role model and encourage young women to reach for their goals. I will strive to achieve and maintain the poise, grace and flair that we have come to expect from our Rodeo Queen." 

You can help Simone through the following initiatives:


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