Burgmann School Year 12 2018 Dainere's Rainbow Run

17 Apr, 2018



On Thursday the 22nd of March, Year 12 students at Burgmann Anglican School participated in a rainbow colour-filled fun run on the school oval, in honour of one of our former students, Dainere Anthoney.

Dainere was the most inspiring person you could ever meet. As an 11 year old, she was diagnosed with high risk medulloblastoma, which is a type of brain tumour. Her life sadly ended on the 24th of June, 2013 at 7:25pm. She touched hearts all across Australia with her blog that she wrote, to share her story in order to give others hope and inspiration.

Dainere wanted to help end the suffering of those that have brain tumours, so no one had to suffer like she did.

Dainere’s Rainbow Run is an annual fundraising event that Burgmann created, to raise not only money, but also awareness for brain cancer research. The students stenciled their own shirts for the Year 12 students, and sold packets of colour to the Middle and Senior School students at the annual athletics carnival, and let them throw it at the Year 12 students, which ultimately ended up in a beautiful rainbow of colours in the air, and on everyone's keepsake shirt. By selling dye, iceblocks and the shirts, they managed to raise over $1,300 during the whole event and had so much fun while doing it.

"We will always love and cherish Dainere at Burgmann, and we hope we can continue in her footsteps in helping to bring an end to brain cancer and suffering in children and adults alike." Braam Hein and Emma Page, Burgmann Anglican School Year 12 students.

You can read more about Dainere's story here: www.daineresrainbow.com.au/ On the 16th of June there will be Dainere's Rainbow 'Spooktacular' Gala Fundraising Dinner. See details here: Dainere's Rainbow 'Spooktacular' Gala Fundraising Dinner 2018


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